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Brandon  & Michelle Barber Reveal How to Revive Your Passion, Boost Profitability, And Tap Into Your Team's Full Potential . . .All While Doing Less!

The tools every Network Marketer needs no matter how long you have been in the business.

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Is the "Business Reset Challenge"

For Me And My Business...??

Yes! This ‘Business Reset Challenge’ is especially for you if...

Brandon Barber

☑️  You feel like you are chasing after everyone. Trying to get them to want it, hoping people will catch fire, baiting others to notice your product, and hoping people will join your team.

☑️  You're in Management or Survival Mode. You and your team aren’t experiencing as much momentum or as many wins as you’d like.

☑️  You or your team have experienced some burnout. Exhaustion and lack of desire in the leader is the bottleneck in a business. More hustle and achieving isn’t the answer.

☑️  You want to create a raving fan culture. To increase Team engagement and a Culture that people can't wait to be a part of.


If you nodded or said “yes” to any of the above, then YES, this 5-Day Business Reset Challenge is 100% for you.

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...and we’ll show you, step-by-step on how to work with your team more strategically, become a recruiting magnet, and inspire and re-ignite the fire in yourself and others!


Network Marketer...

Have you lost confidence in yourself, or in your business?

Are you struggling to stay engaged?

Have you lost some passion and excitement?

Have you lost your edge?

Have people stopped showing up and listening like they used to?


One of the greatest struggles I see my clients facing today is how to stay engaged, passionate and profitable in their business with all of the uncertainty around them - when they can’t see a compelling future.


What I always tell them is:  Find someone to give you the right tools, and accountability to get into the right mindset...a resilient mindset.

The chokehold on any business is the psychology of the leader!


Here's a message about the most common problem that I see in business...


Coming up soon I am hosting a Challenge, and in this Challenge I am going to give up all of my information on
How to Create a Compelling Future for your Business!

I am going to help you if you have people not showing up and listening!



You’ll go from the OBLIGATION HUSTLE


For Network Marketers just getting Started...

✨  Learn how to cut through the noise and get the attention of your ideal clients by applying proven strategies and techniques that the most successful Network Marketers & Influencers in the World use.

✨  Go from feeling stress to enjoying the journey of growth.

✨  Eliminate the fear of rejection and failure.


And for Network Marketers with Proven Success...

✨  Learn how to fast-track your business from 6-figures to 7-figures and beyond with our proven strategies.

✨  Learn the same systems and tools that we have taught the most successful Network Marketers and Influencers over the past 20 years!


Get exclusive access to this LIVE Business Reset Challenge starting November 27th. 2023 valued at $997

for only $19

I am taking a stand for helping
Network Marketers, Partners, Leaders,  Influencers & Consultants
get into healthy, sustainable action…..


Day 1


On day one of the Business Reset Challenge, we’re going to show you:

🔹 How to create the bridge between the gap of where you are in your business and where you want to be.

🔹 How to get out of obligation and create heathy, sustainable and effective motivation for yourself and your team to create momentum in your business. 

Day 2


On day two of the Business Reset Challenge, we’re going to show you:

🔹 The secret to time and money freedom.

🔹 How to welcome fear in your business and move through any obstacle quickly and courageously.

🔹 How your emotions are fueling your business and how to control them and use the ones that will create success and get rid off the ones that don't.

Day 3


On day three of the Business Reset Challenge, we’re going to show you:

🔹 How to magnetize others by eliminating the two most destructive emotional patterns that are built into your brain.

🔹 How to eliminate burnout and exhaustion in your business.

🔹 How perfection is causing burnout in your business, where it comes from and how to rid yourself of it by applying 70% consistently.

Day 4


On day four of the Business Reset Challenge, we’re going to show you:

🔹 How to create a movement in your business, and movement based messaging so you attract a raving fan culture in your business.

🔹 How to take a stand for your future team, future clients and yourself so you create an unshakeable confidence, passion and momentum in your business.

Day 5


On day five of the Business Reset Challenge, we’re going to show you:

🔹 What drives every human being to do what they do, and how to effectively and with ease motivate yourself and others get more committed and to take more action in business.

🔹 How to get your needs met in your business and meet others' so your business can flourish.


Your Life and Business is ready
for you to take it to the Next Level!



I am Brandon Barber creator of The Brandon Barber Coaching Group and The 5 Day Business Reset Challenge.


Today that lack of excitement, passion and engagement in your business is about to change for you.

We created The 5 Day Business Reset Challenge to help Network Marketers, Partners, Influencers and Consultants just like you discover how to grow their volume without relying solely on others showing up, paying thousands of dollars for more unnecessary training,
trying all the different sales tactics, or having to learn the Social Media Marketing game.


Since 2001 I’ve helped tens of thousands GET HUNGRY IN THEIR BUSINESS, take action, increase their passion and belief, grow their teams, make more money, get 40% more productivity from their current teams and find joy in the process

This is your opportunity to do the same in a highly interactive experience.





Brandon is the father of 4 boys, husband to Michelle and founder of the Brandon Barber Coaching Group.  He has worked with the top Leaders and Influencers from all over the world, helping them not only create success in their lives, but also fulfillment & happiness!

Over the past 20+ years I have seen so many people stuck in thought patterns and behaviors that are literally robbing them of reaching their greatest potential.  I believe those thought patterns and behaviors can be changed.
We have seen businesses, relationships, and lives thrive after attending our events and working with us in our programs.


Michelle moved from England to the U.S. 27 years ago.  She is the mother of 4 boys and has been happily married to Brandon for almost 23 years.


She has a passion for style, fashion, developing long lasting relationships & friendships, helping others, and confidence coaching.  She believes that true self confidence & success comes when you are not afraid to be yourself


She loves to help other women learn to embrace their own inner uniqueness and harness their feminine power through her KunYin movement classes and her Fearless in your Femininity Coaching.

The Opportunity to Reset your Business is HERE...


What are people saying about

Brandon's Challenges, Events, Academies & Coaching?





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Carla Green

We hosted Brandon Barber’s event for our team. It is one of the best events we have ever attended, and we have attended many personal growth events. Brandon and his team have mastered the perfect mix of theory and practical aspects. You will leave knowing how to live your life differently as you have EXPERIENCED the shifts DURING the event.

It’s not just book knowledge. The positive feedback from our team has been phenomenal. We had many couples attend and many men reached out and said they were glad they decided to attend with their wives.   

If you get the chance to attend or host an event, grab it and run with it.
You and all those who are attend will be glad you did.

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Brandy Foss

Do you feel like you need a mindset tune up? That’s exactly how I felt in 2022. I knew I wanted my business to look different, and hiring a coach is exactly what I needed to do because of the business goals I had set for myself. I interviewed Brandon before I ever said yes. I was impressed with how personal & relational he was, along with being a great listener.
I jumped into the 5 day challenge in November and have never looked back. The tools he equipped me with, was exactly what I needed to have breakthroughs with my mindset. It had been a long time where I had solely focused on me and what I wanted and needed to do. I committed to getting up close and personal with myself and face the truth. Being able to face and share the truth, freed me of guilt and shame, and has created a new excitement and attraction for my business. 2023 is a new year, filled with new beginnings and explosive growth in all areas of my life! Thank you Brandon!

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Terri Luongo

Aristotle was inspired when he said.. “Know Thyself”.   This is the Power of Brandon Barber’s Academy and Challenge.   It is an exploration to discover and uncover your habits, attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, fears and perception which shape the trajectory of your life.  
Today I can honestly say that I work my business and live my life from appreciation not from obligation.   Priceless!

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Dr. Jan Roberto

I have completed several programs over the past 15 years yet this “personal connection “ with Brandon’s coaching has resulted in a “Significant’ Shift” with my mindset and business. I have identified my sabotaging thoughts and habits and have learned how to re-direct them with empowering choices and practical tools, and have had tangible results in my  weekly and daily practices.  

The frustrations and guilt are much improved and at the end of the week  I feel “satisfied” with myself and activity.  The 2 basic human needs; “to be loved and to be enough” have altered the way I interact with others and myself. I took advantage of all the calls and ”extra video content”, knowing that “I get out what I put in” and this time I was “ALL IN”.
This was the right program, tool, connection for me at the “perfect time” in my life. THANK YOU!

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Casey Plouffe

I have worked with a lot of success coaches and Brandon took me by surprise in every way possible.  It was clear he knew my internal needs and sabotaging patterns better than I did. I got started at a pretty low point in my life with un-serving behaviors, lack of enjoying my business, and poor health. I can say my health has never been better due to conscious choices and living.

I look and feel amazing , I have a rekindled fire with my husband, and I just had my highest passive residual income month in my business. 50k in passive income without bonuses is so exciting. But it is not even the changes or the income that is most exciting. I Am!! Having more joy in the journey and loving my business again. I Am!! More productive and have more free time. I never thought that could be possible. But then again ... All things are possible!! 

Thank you Brandon for being your outrageous authentic self and encouraging me to do the same. I appreciate you!

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Susie Llewelyn

I have invested in many coaching programs, but I can tell you, this one is different! I am new to Brandon's challenge and coaching, but I have already realized a new confidence and calmness over my business and life. Brandon isn't here to tell you to do more and it’s just a numbers game!  He helps you dig deep to understand and squash your fears and procrastination - enabling you to move forward and level up!  
This will cause you to see yourself, your relationships and your business in a new light.  If you are ready to achieve more in your life, you must change your thoughts.  Brandon can guide you through this process, so you become more passionate and productive.

 Disciplining your thoughts is the gate to true freedom and happiness.

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Rebecca Cafiero

I've had my first multiple five figure month and five figure weeks since working with Brandon!
I am now one of the top 200 businesses for my company in the world.
My business has grown 50% in the 6 months with coaching, and I have attracted more leaders in the past 6 months than the 2 1/2 years prior.

Not only that, the quality of my marriage has improved dramatically!

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Jaymie Pollard

After working with The Brandon Barber Coaching Group I increased my flat count from 15-40 in 3 months.
I more than doubled my business earnings from the year before. My team is now recruiting which they weren’t before.

We are now a Winning Team!
All of this working on my mindset!  The inviting energy I learned about had people start approaching me about the business. I didn't have to hustle to get them. I was always putting in the work but the mental shift made recruiting way easier. I learned how to recruit naturally!  I started to prioritize my day! I finally started to balance work and family in a healthy way. I started taking more effective and energetic action. I did the hard stuff first and moved past Perfection Paralysis!

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Rachel Harries

Brandon Barber delivers every time, over and over!  
I have done several programs with Brandon and I am amazed how each and every session includes such content rich material.  He has a way of making the content come to life and the integration of the material is experiential and extremely impactful.  
I have been able to utilize concepts, tools and actual verbiage with my team to become a more confident leader and coach and to improve relationships with team, customers, family and friends.  This is whole life coaching with an emphasis on our business and I recommend Brandon’s coaching to anyone looking for personal and business growth.

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Michelle Barnett

The past two years have brought a lot of challenges to my business, from the COVID coma, people  leaving our business, and personal hardships. 
I have felt really stuck and have struggled to move forward/past the trauma.  Brandon's program opened my eyes to my victim mentality, scarcity with time and money, and how the hard times are a perfect opportunity to grow and pivot.  For the first time in a long time I'm really excited about recruiting, and it feels really good to work on me.  I realized that while I had blamed others for my setbacks, it is time to own where I am and how I want to move forward.  The 5 day challenge was the jumpstart I needed to make these critical shifts.  I'm excited to be in his Academy with a few of my teammates to really dig in and create lasting mindset changes so we can step into the larger impact God has for us. 
Thank you Brandon & Michelle!

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Ellen Ganus

Working with Brandon has been a game changer.

I now know how to create a better understanding of people and how to build trust quickly in a brand new way. I am able to attract more of what I want.
I found new ways of communicating with prospects and many new ideas for working with my team so as to empower them. I reached outrageous goals in record time, almost without explanation.
I advanced in rank from 8 star platinum to 9 star platinum.

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Anita Dickson

It’s hard to put into words what Brandon Barber and the Academy have done for my life and business. BRANDON has helped me unlock some of the places I’ve been stuck all of my adult life.
My mindset has changed through the work on emotions and the 4 stages of trauma.
I’ve been able to release situations and people and stop blaming circumstances and others. 
My business is benefiting and I believe it’s because my mindset has shifted. I’ve learned  to respond in new ways and ask better questions when I’m coaching or working with my team.
Brandon’s program is truly life-changing and I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to take their life and business to the next level!

Dear Network Marketer

It’s a sad fact that around 8 out of 10 businesses fail within the first five years of business.

That was before the pandemic hit in 2020.

Since then, so many Influencers and Leaders have noticed that a lot of their teams have declined and there has been a distinct lack of motivation.

Every rank of Influencer is trying to figure out the right combination of methods that will help keep their business alive.  It takes a lot of hard work!

You may have read many books or been to trainings that have taught you that the problem lies in what you are doing or not doing!

The problem is

...unless you change your Mindset, no amount of work is going to make any impact at all!

If you’ve been following the gurus and trying to do all that stuff on your own -- be careful: You could end up like one of the businesses that fail...

We don’t want that to happen to you.

We want to see you succeed, build a legacy & create a movement that impacts the world.

That’s why we have created the 5 Day Business Reset Challenge 2.0, exclusively for Network Marketers, Partners, Influencers, Entrepreneurs & Consultants...using the methods and techniques that have been proven to help over a million people!



If you are ready to be one of thousands of Network Marketers, Entrepreneurs or Business Owners that will go from frustrated and overwhelmed to finally growing their business successfully, be sure to register for this Exclusive Challenge now while you still can.

You have no idea what's available for you on the other side of your decision to join me in the 5 Day Business Reset Challenge.    


In your service,


Be one of the tens of thousands of Early-Stage or Elite Partners, Leaders, Influencers and Entrepreneurs around the World that will go from frustrated and overwhelmed to finally Launching and Growing their business successfully with the right mindset and tools.

If you are ready to take your Influence to the next level...then you simply can't afford to miss this Challenge...


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